Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsability

As an essencial base of our brand, we apply environmental guidelines, transparency, corruption fight, taking care of living beings and, without a doubt, people.

The corporation and the whole team we are commited with:

  • Applying good governance practise
  • Creating wealth in the most effective way possible.
  • Ensuring the equitable distribution of the weath generated.
  • Rigorously complying with the laws, regulations, rules and customs, respecting the legimate contracts and commitments acquired.
  • Promoitng the freedom of people, fair treatment and their development.
  • Supervising work and health conditions of our workers.
  • Maintaining the brand ethics and fighting against corruption.
  • Construction and marketing of corporate reputation.

In Marlota we are convinced that creativity, innovation and commitment have the power of changing the world. We always keep our clients in mind and we are constantly searching for innovations that could satisfy their needs, focused wheter on people who buy in our website, on the professionals who sell our products in their shops or on the products that we design and produce.
In Marlota we are constantly searching for ways and resources to reduce our enviromental impact.
Since our beginning in 2004, Marlota has paid special attention to reduce the packaging material quantity that we ouse in our deliveries to professionals.
In their sales to professionals and shops, Marlota has products to reduce the packaging material impact as well as the transport related emissions.
With the Marlota’s e-commerce launching , the individualization of shipments makes it imposible to create groups, but we have worked with our logistics operator to optimize, not only costs and times, but their environmental impact.
This also affects the packaging and the right management of the shipment coordination between production to warehouse to client.

These are our aims and behaviors inside our environmental commitment, directly associated with our work and clients:


– Save energy and water.

– Reduce waste production and we recycle

– We share our commitment with our team, providers and specialized ateliers.

– We have a team that is aware of our values and principles, a small but highly sensitized team.


All of our animal products, furr and leather included, used on the production of Marlota’s garments or pieces of garments, come exclusively from farm-raised animals for food, and, in no case, from sacrifised animals exclusively for leather or furr sales..


Thanks to our small team, we work day by day on the social commitment with people and professionals from our enterprise and from our main suppliers and ateliers. We have a team and collaborators highly commited with these principles and our brand values. We apply and have a team commited with these principles:

  • Respect human rights and decent work conditions that favor security, work health and human and professional development of our workers.
  • We do not collaborate with enterprises that we have know they apply abusive work conditions, child work or have low environmental sensitivity behaviors.
  • Encourage and enhace expression of freedom. On that term, Marlota’s web has created an space where team and collaborators can express themselves publicly in a blog and we work in the creation of a platform so clients and web users can express, share and communicate between eachother.
  • Involve consumers, local communities and the reat of society and enhace our bonding with people’s social medias.