After studying at the Polytechnic School of Madrid, at the Fachhochschule Trier (Germany) and at London Central Saint Martin and having proved my worth by working in several workshop’s firms, I decided to create my own brand, in 2004, Marlota, a reflection of my personality and my interests.

Three years later, in 2007, I began to present my collections in Paris; then I realized that my work could touch many people, people from various countries and with different backgrounds. From that moment on, crossing borders became a priority.

Defining my work is difficult, I do not like labels since they never fit reality: I prefer to move among nuances: between idealism and pragmatism, between emotional and intellectual, rough and delicate.
Duality is always present in what I do, as reflected by the marriage of masculine jackets and very feminine clothes.
I still have this memory of an old English coat that I found once when I was 15 and which I kept for years.
Even old, those memories leave a mark.

The emotions are the motor of my work.