· We defend forgotten values

· We take pride in our traditional methods of tailoring and sewing

· Being local makes our product universal

· We never choose the simplest way, always the better one

· We pamper every piece of clothing to make it unique : quality can’t be reached without love

· The value of our garments is esthetic, timeless and tangible, maintaining ethical margins

· We believe in relationships, we build them with commitment, respect and honesty

· We listen and we share

· We enjoy what we do

· We grow as we learn



· Design and production of our clothes 100% locally, in Spain, and we have done so for the past 15 years.

· We claim to produce and consume less, but with more quality.

· We continue believing in arts and recovering the value of crafts, in balance with innovation.

· Our pieces are always timeless and they will accompany you for years.

· There is no sustainability without timelessness. Permanence over time for responsible consumption.

·We believe in the value of our products that’s why we do not have sales.

· We invite you to slow down the pace of fashion in order to enjoy the process and the results.

· We propose you to recover the collective consciousness from the individual and embrace change.

· As our claim says “Less is enough”